“Tenant-Proof” Improvements to Consider

Renting out your home can provide you with passive income – making you money with very minimal effort. But inherent risks of owning rental properties will always exist, one of which is normal wear and tear! Consider making the following ‘Tenant-Proof’ improvements the next time you are in between tenants:

  1. Hard Surface Flooring (tile, wood, and best of all Plank Vinyl).
  2. Mount your towel racks & toilet paper holders to a piece of 1”x4” wood. Screw your 1×4 to the wall (be sure to hit the studs) then screw your towel racks to that.
  3. Remove your washer & dryer, especially if they are older in age. Tenants leasing single-family homes almost always have a set of their own AND there will be two less appliances you need to worry about replacing or repairing.
  4. Have furnace filters shipped to the house quarterly. Second Nature is a popular filter company that you can subscribe to.
  5. Semi-gloss paint on all doors, trim work, kitchens, and bathrooms. It is easy to maintain and cleans up easily.
  6. Keep landscaping simple. Keep the amount of grass to a minimum. If you are worried about your landscaping, pay the water bill and get a sprinkler timer that you can control from your phone.
  7. Install door stoppers behind every door, either on the hinges, baseboard, or wall.
  8. Provide 3M command strips and furniture felt-pads as a move-in gift for your new tenant(s).

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