Video Description

In this video, I’ll be giving you a detailed overview of Colorado House Bill 24-1098 and what it means for you as a landlord. We’ll cover the history, basics, and the new classifications for evictions. Pay close attention to the specific conditions for each type of eviction, as they can be a bit tricky to navigate. Make sure to consult with your attorney and take note of the important deadlines and notice requirements. Let’s dive in!


  • House Bill 24-1098-Nothing introduces significant changes for landlords, particularly in the eviction process.
  • The law reclassifies lease non-renewals as evictions, limiting a landlord’s ability to terminate a lease.
  • The bill outlines six grounds for no-fault evictions, each with specific conditions that must be met.
  • All notices, including demand for rent notices, now require 90 days’ notice to tenants.
  • Service attempts for legal notices now require two separate attempts on different days.
  • Legal notices must now be written in English, Spanish, or any other language the landlord has reason to believe is the tenant’s primary language.

Applicability & Penalties for Non-Compliance

  • The law applies to all residential properties in Colorado, with exceptions for short-term rentals, owner-occupied rentals, squatters, mobile homes, and tenants with less than 12 months’ occupancy.
  • Landlords cannot use retaliatory rent increases to bypass the law’s requirements.
  • Tenants have the right to seek relief and sue landlords for violations post-occupancy.


  • Ensure all leases are legally sound and demand notices are error-free to avoid delays in the eviction process.
  • Consider signing initial lease terms of 51 weeks to leverage the exception for tenants with less than 12 months’ occupancy.
  • Collaborate with legal counsel or reputable property management companies to navigate the complexities of the new law effectively.

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